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Skin Type Quiz

The skin type quiz will help you to understand your skin in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of too much or too little UV exposure.
Skin Type 6

Skin Type VI

A Skin Type VI has dark brown or black skin that will still darken when exposed to intense sunlight. They almost never sunburn.


Considering a Skin Type VI is at very little risk of overexposure, their first sun bed session will likely be between 15-18 minutes.

In most cases, a Skin Type VI will will absorb very little UVB in North America, and will require a Vitamin D supplement in order to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D.

If you are unsure of your Vitamin D blood level, consult your doctor.

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* Not all sun beds are the same! Our recommended exposure times are based on your skin type and Fabutan low pressure sun bed equipment only. Be sure to review the recommended exposure schedule associated with any equipment you may consider using.